Sarasota Sun Devils

The Sarasota Sun Devils Mission Statement

Established in 1987 as the Sarasota Jr. Football Assoc., we are the Sarasota Sun Devils Football and Cheer Association; members of the Pop Warner Youth Football and Cheer Organization within the Peace River Conference. We are located in Sarasota, Florida, and play our games at Twin Lakes Park and throughout the southwest region of Florida.
The Sun Devils organization’s mission is to inspire developing student-athletes within a safe place to learn, grow, and enjoy competitive sports while nourishing scholastic excellence and encouraging a strong work ethic.
Step One. Complete the online registration for Fall 2021. The online registration can be found here:
Step Two. After completing the required online registration, please complete and submit the necessary forms at one of the scheduled in-person registrations. Please follow this link to schedule an appointment to register in person: All Registration forms for the 2021 Season can be found below. The Pop Warner Little Scholars organization has a clear focus on the safety and academics of its participants. As a result, there are a few “mandatory” forms that must be completed in order to register your child. Below is a summary of all the necessary paperwork.
Our organization is cognizant of the ongoing threat of COVID-19. During registrations, we ask that everyone maintain 6 feet between themselves and others.

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The Sarasota Sun Devils League Affilation

The Sarasota Sun Devils are affiliated with Peace River Conference which is Pop Warner-based.  They are currently in Division 1.

The Sarasota Sun Devils Teams

The Sun Devils offer 5 teams that are aged-based.  Those include 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U. They have offered weighted teams before but no longer do.

The Sarasota Sun Devils Practice Location

Sarasota Sun Devils practice at Twin Lakes Park, located near Clark Rd and Ibis St in Sarasota.

The Sarasota Sun Devils Game Location

Sarasota Sun Devils play at Twin Lakes Park, located near Clark Rd and Ibis St in Sarasota.

The Sarasota Sun Devils Previous History 2020-

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