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Division 2

Peace River Conference is broken into two different Divisions. Division 1 and Division 2. D2 contains more of the teams that are either new to PRC or haven’t had much luck in the playoffs.  We are not saying that these teams haven’t been successful but compared to Division 1 there is a difference. Teams like the Naples Bears and Naples Gators just joined recently.   Each of these organizations has had multiple great teams throughout the years at all different ages and weight levels within Pop Warner.  Some programs do a good job with football, but a great job with cheer.

Division 2 contains teams from primarily Collier County but also includes teams from Charlotte, Hendry, Lee, and Sarasota Counties.

We hoped this helped anyone looking to find out information on Southwest Florida Youth Football. Peace River Conference Division 2 is alive and well, we will continue to update each team every week. Updates will include scores, standings, and future matchups.

Peace River Conference Division 2

Peace River Conference Division 2 Teams and Locations

Southwest Florida Football is here to offer all needed information for the Peace River Youth Football League (PRC). PRC D2 offers top-tier Pop Warner-affiliated programs in SWFL. Here you can see what teams are in which county for division 2.

Collier County Teams

Collier county offers 5 teams in the Peace River Conference division 2. Naples has the majority of the teams with 4 being a part of PRC. Those teams include the Naples Bears (located in Golden Gate Estates), the Naples Hurricanes (located at Paradise Sports Complex), the South Naples Trojans (best serving Marco Island, Everglades City, and Southeast Naples), and the Naples Gators (serving Naples city, North Naples, and Pine Ridge area). The only other team in Collier County is located in Immokalee and is named the Immokalee Seminoles.  There are talks of an additional team in North Naples but they have not joined a league yet.

Charlotte County Teams

Charlotte County offers one organization that is Division 2, the Charlotte Warriors, which is located in Punta Gorda.

Hendry County Teams

Hendry County offers one organization that is Division 2, The Labelle Longhorns. They always have a great turnout every season.

Lee County     Teams

There is currently one Division 2 team in Lee County associated with the Peace River Conference. That team is Cape Jr.

Sarasota County Teams

In Sarasota County, the North Port Jr Bobcats (Formerly North Port Mustangs) are the only Division 2 team.

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