Division 1- Peace River Conference

Peace River Conference

Peace River Conference is broken into two different Divisions. Division 1 and Division 2. D1 contains more of the teams that have done historically well in the conference.  It doesn’t really take into consideration the new teams that just joined PRC which were placed in Division 2 automatically.   Each of these organizations has had multiple great teams throughout the years at all different ages and weight levels within Pop Warner.  

Division 1 contains teams from primarily Lee County but also includes teams from Charlotte and Sarasota Counties.

Lee County teams include Cape Youth Storm in Cape Coral, and Estero Mustangs being the furthest south team in Division 1. Fort Myers Firecats, Fellowship Lions are based in the heart of Fort Myers. The Lehigh Raiders and Riverdale Wildcats are more towards the Lehigh Acres area, and the North Fort Myers Knights are north of the river. 

Charlotte county offers the Port Charlotte bandits. To the north, Sarasota County offers 2 teams, the Venice Vikings and the Sarasota Sundevils.

If you live in Collier county, don’t worry.  The Naples Bears and Naples Gators just joined PRC within the last year.  Both looked promising for a first-year team within PRC. The Naples Hurricanes may be shaking things up well. We are excited about PRC Football this Fall as it should be the most competitive season yet.  Watch for multiple teams within Division 2 to flat-out dominate others. As the Collier County youth football scene continues to grow expect to see some changes in the coming years where teams move to Division 1.  

We hoped this helped anyone looking to find out information on Southwest Florida Youth Football. Peace River Conference Division 1 is alive and well, we will continue to update each team every week. Updates will include scores, standings, and future matchups.

Division 1 Teams

Cape Youth Storms

Cape Youth Storms

Estero Mustangs

Estero Mustangs

Ft. Myers Firecats

Ft. Myers Firecats

Ft. Myers Lions

Ft. Myers Lions

Lehigh Raiders

Lehigh Raiders Logo

North Ft. Myers Knights

North Fort Myers Knights Logo

Port Charlotte Bandits

Port Charlotte Bandits Logo

Riverdale Wildcats

Riverdale Wildcats Logo

Sarasota Sun Devils

Sarasota Sun Devils Logo

Venice Vikings

Venice Vikings Logo
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