Fort Myers Firecats

Firecats Mission Statement

The Fort Myers Firecats are a non-profit youth program dedicated to providing a safe, fun, and active atmosphere for our children to learn, play and become productive individuals of society! The Firecats have a long-standing tradition of success in the Pop Warner Peace River Conference.  They consistently place near or at the top in each division they participate in.  The Ft. Myers Firecats offer both traditional and Unlimited divisions for football.  In the Fall 2020 season, they offered Mitey Mite, Junior PeeWee, PeeWee, Junior Varsity, and 14U.  The Fort Myers Firecats One Nation, One Family, One Heartbeat, We Are The One.  You can register your child at our website
The Firecats were named after the existing arena football team, the Florida Firecats that were located in Fort Myers.  They play at the recently created Billy Bowlegs Park, which is a top-notch Football facility in Fort Myers.  The address is 951 Marsh Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33905.  Games are normally held on Saturdays during the day and last throughout most of the day.  The Firecats One Nation, One Family, One Heartbeat, We Are The One.  The Firecats were recognized as the top organization for Wins and losses this past season claiming the title of winningest organization in SWFL.

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Ft Myers Firecats League Affilation

Fort Myers is affiliated with Peace River Conference which is Pop Warner-based.  They are currently in Division 1.

Ft Myers Firecats Teams

The Firecats offer 5 teams that are aged-based.  Those include 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U. They have offered weighted teams before but no longer do.

Firecats Practice Location

Fort Myers practices at Billy Bowlegs Park.

Firecats Game Location

Fort Myers plays at Billy Bowlegs Park.

Fort Myers Firecats Previous History 2020-

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