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Southwest Florida Football is here to offer all needed information for all youth football leagues in SWFL.  We try to cover all teams from Marco Island up to Sarasota.  These counties include Collier, Lee, Charlotte, Hendry, and Sarasota County.
Currently, there are two youth football leagues being offered in Southwest Florida.  Those are Florida Elite and Peace River Conference.  

You can find more info by clicking on the respective youth football leagues or team icon.

Peace River Conference

 Peace River Conference is the only Pop Warner-affiliated league in SWFL. 

Peace River Conference youth football league offers a great mix of teams from Naples up to Sarasota. They play by the national Pop Warner Rule book and compete in all the Southeast region tournaments for the Fall season. This is great if you are new to the area, as more than likely if your children played before they played Pop Warner.

PRC youth football league games tend to be played in SWFL the entire season with the exception of Southeast Region tournament games and Pop Warner National games.  Those games tend to be around Thanksgiving and mid-December in Orlando.  Peace River Conference has two divisions that separate the more experienced (Division 1) teams from the lesser experienced (Division 2) teams.  There have been multiple years where teams in Division 2 have looked better than Division 1 but for the most part, they will never play each other. 

At the end of each season, there are conference championships the top four teams for each age level and division will play each other. The winner advanced to the Southeast Regional Championships.  If a team were to win those championships they would advance to the Nationals. 

Florida Elite League

 Florida Elite youth football league is NOT Pop Warner-affiliated. 

 (FE) offers a more competitive mix of teams from all across the state of Florida. They play by their own league rules. Most of these rules are similar to Pop Warner but some differ. Florida Elite is also based on divisions.  The winner of the district at any given age level is qualified for the playoffs. Each district is part of a Conference, American or National.

For 2022 they have also added Divisions. From there the playoff system is almost exactly like the NFL playoffs including the year-end Super Bowl. Florida Elite youth football league also keeps personal stats and gives awards to standout players.  If your child is excelling at football you should strongly look into FE. They follow the same unlimited weight system that is based on age as PRC. The only difference is they call the age level Rookies (6U), Freshman(8U), Sophmore(10U), Junior(12U), and Senior(14U).

Significant expansion has occurred for the 2022 season bringing their total up to 32 teams from Ocala to Naples.  Florida Elite youth football league is a great option for the more serious football players looking to compete against the best from around the state of Florida.  Please contact individual teams for specific information. 

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