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Thank you for taking the time to officially register your team with SWFL Football.  We absolutely love the idea of partnering with every team in our area to help not only those teams out but also the children on those teams.  We take great pride in having the ability to give back to our great local teams.  2020 Team Registration is still open.  Team Registration should only take a couple of minutes.  Please see our form below to officially  register your team on our site.  once approved you will have the ability to edit your team page.   

Sign up your team today for the ability to customize your team page, rosters, logos, and much more. We will also help you get set up on social media if you have not already done so. Team registration with our site should only take you a couple of minutes.  You will be sent login info once approved.

SWFL Football not only provides a truly one stop shop for all things related to football in SWFL but it provides your players with an opportunity to become a household name in your community to further their chances at either getting noticed by a High School coach or college recruiters.Register your Team Today! Team Registration should only take 2 min.

SWFL Football allows for individual teams to completely customize  their team page once approved which not only provides your team with in app access but also website access.  Register your team today.  Team registration is closing fast.  Don’t miss out on team registration for 2020 by delaying.  Soon we will also start raising money for teams themselves.


Team Registration

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